♡ Klovesbunnies Art and Fursuit Commissions ♡

♡ Art Prices ♡

These prices only apply to my art!

Headshot Sketch: $8 (+Colour: $15)
Bust Sketch: $10 (+ Colour: $20)
Half-Body Sketch: $30 (+ Colour: $40)
Fullbody Sketch: $60 (+Colour: $70)
Badge: $75 ( + Shipping)
Simple Coloured Headshot: $40
Simple Coloured Bust: $45
Simple Coloured Half-Body: $60
Simple Coloured Full-Body: $85
Painted Background: +$300
Painted Bust: $225
Painted Half-Body: $275
Painted Fullbody: $500
Coloured Icon: $25 - $125
Chibis (Always Fullbody): $45
Telegram Stickers: $8 to $15 (single stickers)
-Pack of 5: $40 to $75
-Pack of 10: $80 to $150
Complicated Coloured Background: +$65
Painted Icon: $350
2 View Ref Sheet: $200 (extras can be requested which will cost a bit more)
Other Info: Shading is an extra $35-$60 Depending on the commission type!

If a commission type is not listed please ask about it by contacting me via social media.Remember these prices are subject to change based on character complexity, number of characters, style of art (Realism, Semi-Realism,Anime/Manga, Cutesy, etc.), and time/effort taken.

♡Fursuit Prices♡

(Base Prices for Fursuits)Head: $1200
Head Base: $250
Non Puffy Handpaws (Still 4 fingered just not puffy) : $150
Puffy Paws: $175
Bappy Paws: $200
Plush Hand Hooves: $200
Arm Sleeves: $100+
Nub Tail: $65
Medium Tail: $150
Long Tail: $200
Floor Dragger Tail: $275+
Indoor Feet Paws: $300
Outdoor Feet Paws: $260
Removable Bottoms, Indoor/Outdoor Feet Paws: $300+
Mini Partial: $1800+ (Depends on design)
Full Partial: $2200+ (Depends on design)
Full Suit: $2800+ (Depends on design)
I'm also willing to work with other makers' bases!

Remember these are just base prices and they may vary depending on your characters' design,extra features, height, weight, and type of build.

Feautures I offer:

2D Eyes
3D Eyes (This is the style of eyes I do on most of my suits)
LEDs (Still new to this): $125+
Moveable Jaw: $95
Long Hair Tufts +$100-$250
Small Hair Tufts: $35
Velcro Eyelids: +$30
Fully Lined Head (done using neoprene; No Charge, Included in Price)
Magnetic Eyelids: $55
Piercings: $85
Plush Teeth: $45
Magnetic or Velcro Tongue: $45

♡ Fursuit ToS ♡

- Customers must be at least 18! I do NOT work with minors.
♡Commissions♡- To receive a quote I’ll need a reference sheet of the character you want made. (same goes for a partial)- Quotes are subject to change! (quotes will be good for 60 days)- Commissions will only be started and accepted after at least 50% of the cost is paid down. (The other 50% must be paid within 2 months)- I’ll always send progress shots to the commissioner as I get things done, this way if you’d like changes to be made along the way it’ll be easier to do so. Please also keep in mind that once a suit is finished I will not be changing anything on it. (If you have purchased a suit from me in the past and would like it to be refurbished I will certainly do so! Just shoot me a message and I’ll give you a rough refurb price)-Please check Trello for updates regarding your suit as well! It gets tiring being asked constantly if I’ve done anything or the status of your suit. I provide pictures of my work as I go. Asking me about it only stresses me out. ;w;- I DO NOT give estimates for due dates anymore as having them stresses me out and causes me to procrastinate. (I know it sounds dumb but please just respect my wishes) The only exception to this is if I am super close to finishing your suit, I’ll give you an idea of when I expect to have it finished. Though please keep in mind it can change!♡Restrictions♡
-I will not make copyrighted characters! Please only commission characters you own the rights to, I will not accept it otherwise.
- You acknowledge and allow for a maximum completion time of 1 year. Commissions will be finished earlier than this, however, you agree to this in case any unexpected circumstances arise which would delay your commission order.- Please don’t ask for discounts or for me to use lower quality products. Discounts are only valid if I have provided a coupon code via my Patreon and you present it to me when commissioning.- None of my suits have any real animal parts. They will never have any real fur, teeth, tails, claws, antlers, horns, etc. All materials used are synthetic.- I don’t hold responsibility for damages, injuries, or allergic reactions to my work. The use of my work is the client's responsibility. But please do be aware I have cats in my household. The cats never come in contact with my suits but for those of you with bad allergies I’m obliged to let you know.- I may use any photos or videos of your suit I take to promote my business.♡Other Info♡
- Please note that I DO NOT work on projects in the order that they were commissioned anymore. I work on all commissions in my queue at the same time on different days so I get things done more efficiently. This means one day I may spend time working on just tails for each suit on my list or I might cut out lots of pieces for suits one day, the next I might be working on 3 or 4 head bases. I’ve put this on here cause I’ve had a lot of confusion with commissioners on this topic.
- Unless a specific deadline is given, or a rush fee is paid, I will not rush to make your suit over others’ suits, so please do not harass me about your commission every day.- It takes me time to get suits done so please know that a finish date estimate is only an estimate. It could change with time as I also live on a farm and have quite a few animals to take care of. Spring and Fall of every year are the busiest times for me on the farm so please be patient. ♡Payment♡
- I accept PayPal, Square, and Venmo.
- If a client cancels at any time for any reason, 50% of the price paid will not be refunded. The 50% will go into my spending funds for materials or be deducted for money already spent on canceled commissions.- If I have not started on the commission and no money is paid there will be no fees imposed.- If I have purchased materials and you decide to cancel, whatever was spent on materials will not be reimbursed (This includes the other 20% not spent on materials). Materials account for at least 30% of what I keep in the 50% policy.- Please be sure you can afford your commission!- I will not start a suit until at least 50% of the cost is paid upfront with the other 50% to be paid before the suit is finished.-Payment must be made within a timely fashion! If a suit is won by bid, payment is expected within 1 week of winning the bid. If no information is provided and payment is not received the auction will be relisted. If the suit was commissioned, the full amount should be paid before work will begin.-Short Term Payment plans are accepted! Payment plans should be discussed with me at the clients’ request. Please do not request a payment plan if for any reason you think you won’t be able to pay the full price within 60 days.-Payment plans should be fully paid within 60 days. This period will only be extended under certain circumstances. -If you do not fulfill the full payment within the 60 day time period I hold the right to cancel the commission or resell the suit if bought by auction. Commissions if not paid in full will either be shipped with the work I have completed to the commissioner or re-done and re-sold as a different character.♡Shipping♡- Shipping will be charged after the completion of the suit and payment of the full amount.- I WILL NOT ship any suit or suit parts to you if you have not paid shipping. Full price of the suit or quoted commission is NOT the shipping and shipping is NOT included in the quote or full price you pay unless explicitly stated.- Do NOT threaten legal action because I will not ship a suit or suit part. If I will not ship, chances are you haven’t paid the shipping. Threatening any legal action will automatically put you on my blacklist and you WILL NOT commission or buy from me again.
-Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.♡Contract♡Anything stated via email, DM, or any other form of writing is a binding contract. By accepting the terms for a commission you agree upon all factors stated above.For commission forms, if you check the box agreeing to my terms and conditions you are still legally bound and have stated by checking the box, that you have read everything above.
If you are under the age of 18 DO NOT check the box or agree to these terms. Especially on my quote form. I once again DO NOT work with minors. No exceptions.

♡ Art ToS ♡

This page is a work in progress! But I am still taking commissions. Feel free to ask about anything if you aren't sure. ^u^Contacts:
Twitter: @klovesbunnies
Instagram: @klovesbunnies
Please be sure to read through my entire ToS before contacting me about a commission!

I draw human and furry art!!!

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